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Humedica, Anceta, and AMGA Partner to Improve Patient Care through Clinical Analytics

Working with Anceta, AMGA's Collaborative Data Warehouse, Humedica utilizes clinical analytics to support participants in delivering the highest quality, safest, and most cost-effective patient care

Boston, MA and Alexandria, VA - Sept. 30, 2009 - Humedica, a next-generation clinical informatics company, and Anceta, the health care informatics subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), today announced they have entered into a long-term partnership. Anceta has selected Humedica to be its exclusive partner in the development of its nationwide collaborative data warehouse and robust clinical analytics platform. Humedica and Anceta will showcase some early and impressive results from this membership-driven initiative at AMGA's Institute for Quality Leadership (IQL) Annual Conference in San Francisco, California, September 30th through October 2nd.

The IQL is sponsored by AMGA to improve the quality of care delivered in the U.S. health care system through the advancement of knowledge and the education of health care professionals.  At this year's IQL Conference, Humedica and Anceta will present early findings to multi-specialty medical groups and integrated delivery systems currently participating in the Anceta collaborative. These initial participants collectively provide care to millions of patients across the country.

"The power of Humedica's data integration and analytics is evident. This partnership between Humedica and Anceta can leverage the resources of participating medical groups to greatly improve patient care," said Dr. Sanford Kurtz, Vice-Chairman of the Anceta Board and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Massachusetts-based Lahey Clinic. "We are excited about the potential, based on what we've seen in early results. Anceta participants will benchmark with other Anceta participants, comparing processes and outcomes and collaborating to identify best practices. Anceta is starting with diabetes, focusing on improving care for those challenging patients who are not in optimal control. We look forward to advancing this collaboration and extending these learnings across multiple diseases and therapeutic areas."

The Humedica Partnership with Anceta & AMGA
The partnership between Humedica and Anceta brings together the industry's most advanced clinical informatics platform and the experience of the country's leading medical groups to deliver a powerful solution that supports Anceta participants in delivering the highest quality, most cost-effective patient care. AMGA member organizations are encouraged to join Anceta and collaborate to determine best practices, improve quality, and enhance cost-efficiency.

"The timing of this unique partnership is ideal. With so much national attention being paid to the use of information technology to improve clinical outcomes and reduce health care costs, Humedica and Anceta have a tremendous opportunity to impact the success of these initiatives," said Kenneth Novack, Chairman of the Board of Humedica. "This collaboration is significant because it combines Humedica's cutting-edge technology and analytics with the insight and knowledge of AMGA's membership. AMGA members have long led the way in implementing the most advanced technologies and care processes to benefit their patients and improve clinical outcomes."

"AMGA members have long recognized the importance of robust data analytics and have been at the forefront of leveraging their organization's data to improve patient care and operational performance. Anceta builds on AMGA's strong tradition of collaborative quality improvement," said Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, Chairman of Anceta and President and CEO of AMGA. "In response to our groups' burgeoning needs as well as the increased national focus on the value of substantive data in improving patient care, Anceta selected Humedica to develop a platform that integrates clinical, financial, claims and pharmacy data. The resulting solution gives Anceta participants a longitudinal view of their patient population, with relevant comparative data at an unprecedented level of detail. It enables these participants to gain valuable insights into the performance of their particular medical group, its facilities or physicians."

Humedica's next-generation clinical informatics platform is uniquely designed to handle the specific needs of Anceta participants.  The Humedica platform integrates clinical, claims, financial and other data to generate a complete and longitudinal view of Anceta members' patient populations.  Additionally, Humedica applies disease-specific clinical classifications and advanced analytics to define appropriate patient cohorts, treatment pathways, outcomes and associated costs, all within a state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant, and highly secure environment. Humedica's timely longitudinal clinical data provides unparalleled clarity into how patient populations are treated, which treatments and procedures are prescribed, and most importantly, the quality, efficacy, and cost of this care.

The Anceta collaborative facilitates comparative analytics and benchmarking through the aggregation of data from participating medical groups into a single standard clinical ontology. Humedica and Anceta help member organizations develop, compare, and share best practices and performance improvement strategies through their unique collaborative programs.

"We are excited that we are able to support Anceta's mission of helping multi-specialty medical groups more effectively leverage their data to provide the highest quality health care," said Michael Weintraub, President and CEO of Humedica. "Humedica's focus on delivering innovative clinical informatics solutions is critical in this health care environment. We believe these solutions will empower medical groups to both effectively compete and succeed in this dynamic health care market."

About Humedica
Humedica is a next-generation clinical informatics company that provides novel software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based business intelligence solutions to the health care industry.  Through cutting-edge analytics, Humedica connects patient information across varied medical settings and time periods to generate a truly longitudinal and comprehensive view of patient care.  Humedica provides our partners and customers with the informatics solutions necessary to improve, manage, and succeed in today's dynamic health care market.  Humedica is defining knowledge in health care.

About Anceta
Anceta LLC is a subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), building upon AMGA's tradition of collaborative quality improvement and best practices sharing among AMGA member medical groups and other organized systems of care. Anceta facilitates data-driven collaboration to enhance quality, safety, and cost-efficiency. The Anceta Collaborative Data Warehouse illuminates the relationships between care process, patient outcomes, and cost - all the elements of the value equation. Anceta engages physicians and other clinicians in exploratory data analysis and motivates participation in collaborative improvement initiatives. Anceta enables AMGA member medical groups to enhance value by transforming data into actionable knowledge and accountable, evidence-based practice. Anceta's business operations are guided by its founding partners, AMGA, Sanofi-Aventis U.S., and Accenture, which have provided valuable financial support, services, and strategic guidance throughout Anceta's inception and development.

About the American Medical Group Association
The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) represents medical groups, including some of the nation's largest, most prestigious medical practices, independent practice associations, and integrated health care delivery systems. AMGA improves health care for patients by supporting multispecialty medical groups and other organized systems of care. Approximately 95,000 physicians practice in AMGA member organizations and these members deliver health care to approximately 96 million patients in 49 states. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, AMGA is the strategic partner for medical groups, providing a package of benefits, including political advocacy, educational and networking programs and publications, benchmarking data services, and financial and operations assistance.

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